Systems to Achieve Goals

The basic idea is that systems are something you do on a regular basis to improve the odds of a good outcome, but you might not know exactly what the outcome will be. That gives you the most ways to win. A goal gives you exactly one way to win – the goal itself – and that’s not always the smart way to go when the environment is complicated and unpredictable. - Scott Adams

Maximize your chances of having good outcomes in life by focusing on improving your habits.

For example, if you want to lose weight focus on changing your habits and environment to support healthy eating and exercise. Don't focus on a goal of losing X number of pounds. Change your habits and the loss of weight will follow. One hack if you find yourself always hungry is to find a healthy food that you like to eat and eat as much as you want. Eating a lot of carrots or blueberries is better than eating a lot of cake.

If you're lonely, develop the habit of socializing more often.

If you're underskilled, develop the habit of personal growth.

If you're not getting as much done in a day as you'd like, develop the habit of waking up earlier or reducing your expectations or workload.

This is not to say these things are easy. The hypothesis is that you will get more out of life than by focusing on goals. Including avoiding the disappointment of not reaching a goal or expectation.

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